A responsive theme is a theme that looks great on all platforms, including mobile devices.
Responsive web design uses CSS techniques like fluid grids and media queries that make the template automatically resize and adapt itself to mobile devices.

I viaggi organizzati sono un’ottima altrenativa al “fai da te” o al pacchetto personalizzato perché permettono un notevole risparmio di tempo in fase di organizzazione.

Viaggi Organizzati

La Clemente Viaggi, con esperienza ultradecennale nel settore dell'autonoleggio, è specializza nel noleggio di pullman Granturismo fino a 54 posti.

Noleggio Pullman

Themes built for designers


Our themes are designed to give you a myriad of posibilities and flexibility. We coded our themes to be versatile and adapt to mobile devices.

Our templates are also built with the designers in mind. We know how important it is for a designer to respond to the clients' needs in an efficient manner. Think of our themes as the starting point of a succesful project.

HTML5 & CSS3 Clean Code


Our themes use the most advanced web technology. Thanks to the brilliant people who have created awesome projects for the commmunity, our templates use HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap UI elements and the 960px grid system. Other features include CSS3 techniques like @font-face, transitions, animations or media queries. 

Browser compatibility is a major concern with HTML5 and CSS3, so we use graceful degradation or progressive enhancement to make sure our themes work great in all major browsers.

Theme Parameters


Our themes provide an extensive set of parameters for easy and fast customization. They are designed to help you customize the theme to suit your clients' needs as quickly as possible.

Using the theme's parameters you can easily change each element of your website: the template styles, the layout and colors, the fonts, the logo, the module variations and the mobile experience. 

960 grid system


We love the 960 grid system framework! That's why we chose to use this lightweight and flexible grid system as a solid base for our responsive themes.

Even more, our themes have an adjustable width, so while the 960px grid proportions are kept, the template's width is not constrained to 960px. Adjusting the width takes only a few seconds using the theme's parameters.

@font-face LOVE


Web typography is an important part of a good design. Using @font-face, our themes provide you with a great selection of awesome fonts to use in your designs.

Using the theme's parameters, you can further customize the font of every element of your website: the logo, the slogan, the menu, the titles of the articles and modules, the font used for your paragraphs and so on. That's why we love @font-face!

Joomla! Typography Styles


Joomla! Typography Styles are custom made CSS styles. Their purpose is to provide a collection of user interaction (UI) and typography elements such as: buttons, list types, content boxes, inline labels, speech bubbles, blocquote, drop caps  and so on.

Our themes use the awsomeness of Twitter Bootstrap UI for our Joomla! Typography Styles.

Browser compatible


While using HTML5 and CSS3, our templates work with all the major browsers, ensuring they function properly for the majority of desktop and mobile users.

However, we do not support Internet Explorer 6 or old mobile devices. The theme informs the users that upgrades to modern browsers are available.

Tutorials & Support


If you need technical support or have any questions or feedback regarding our themes, our support team is ready to assist you.

We'll guide you all the way. You can submit a ticket or tweet us. We'll also provide you with detailed tutorials in multiple languages.

We will also make sure that your problem is solved as quickly as possible, usually within a 24 hours response time.

Demo Content


Images used for the theme's demo content are for sample purposes only and are Standard License Royalty Free images.

To avoid any copyright infringement, in the download package the demo images are replaced with generic sample images.