Our themes provide an extensive set of parameters for easy and fast customization. Using the theme's parameters you can easily change each element of your website: the template styles, the layout and colors, the fonts, the logo, the module variations and the mobile experience.

I viaggi organizzati sono un’ottima altrenativa al “fai da te” o al pacchetto personalizzato perché permettono un notevole risparmio di tempo in fase di organizzazione.

Viaggi Organizzati

La Clemente Viaggi, con esperienza ultradecennale nel settore dell'autonoleggio, è specializza nel noleggio di pullman Granturismo fino a 54 posti.

Noleggio Pullman

Logo Styling


The theme's parameters offer three different options to style the logo. All three types of logo styling support adding a text for your

The default logo option is the logo that comes with the theme and can be changed using FTP. The uploaded logo option uses the new Joomla! 2.5 media element that allows you to upload your logo directly from your computer. The text logo option allows you to type the logo as a text. You can further customize the text logo by choosing the font using @font-face, the font color, size, line-height, padding or margin.


Theme Styles


Theme Styles (or Template Styles) are custom CSS styles that enrich the appearance of the theme providing color and texture variations of the theme's default style. Each theme has a multitude of preset styles, making it as versatile as possible.

Since Joomla! 1.6, different theme styles can be assigned to individual menu items in order to obtain a different look for their respective pages.

Theme Width


Our themes have an adjustable width, so while the 960px grid proportions are kept, the width of your website is not constrained to 960px.

Using the theme's parameters, adjusting the width takes only a few seconds. Just enter the maximum number of pixels for the theme's width when viewed on a desktop or a laptop screen.

Layout & Colors


All the important design elements of the layout are customizable: backgrounds, links, fonts, articles, modules, menus, module positions, date and buttons.

Think of infinite color combinations for each layout element that give you total control over the appearance of your website. Using the layout & colors parameters you can easily and quickly adapt the theme for various clients and projects: small businesses, corporate or personal websites.

Mobile Settings


The Mobile Settings aim to ensure the best design and functionality for your website while it is browsed using mobile devices.

The design choices let you customize the appearance of the theme on mobile devices, including colors and text size. This includes custom colors for both the main navigation and the top navigation modules. You can further adjust the text size to best suit mobile browsing requirements for the text logo, the slogan, the articles and the modules.

Responsive Menu


Our themes' main navigation is designed to adjust its size and display for better user interaction while using mobile devices.

The theme automatically detects and adapts the appearance of the main navigation when browsed using mobile devices in order to save space. For more complex sites that include a top navigation as well, we've included custom responsive adjustments for both main and top menus.

Google Analytics Tracking Code


Want to keep track of your visitors? Just insert your Google Analytics script directly into the Theme Parameters without having to modify the index.php file. It's an easy and simple alternative designed to save time and help your website's SEO.

Our themes provide you with an extensive set of parameters. They are designed to help you customize the theme to suit your clients' needs as quickly as possible.